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Powered Ventilators - Hybrid Powered Roof Extractors

Sudha Ventilating Systems Pvt. Ltd. (SVS), the leading manufacturer of latest technology wind driven turbo ventilators in India, proudly introduces the ecopower range of motorized roof extractors in technical collaboration with Edmonds, Australia. These are manufactured in a state–of-the-art unit at Ahmednagar, India, incorporating the worlds leading technology in motor design. ecopower powered roof ventilators are the world’s first true hybrid ventilators that will work in all conditions, even when there is no wind, to ensure a constant supply of fresh air. It combines natural ventilation with a computer controlled, very high efficiency electric motor in a single unit to ensure consistent air quality and guaranteed peak performance when you need it.


Benefits of ecopower

ecoPOWER® offers customers the following unique benefits:

  • Constant discharge when on power
  • Runs like a Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator when not on power
  • Low energy costs. Saves about 70% when compared with conventional motorised roof extractors
  • High efficiency ventilation at all times
  • Significantly lower noise and vibration levels than axial fan roof ventilators.
  • Advanced German EC motor technology.
  • Edmonds vertical vane vent technology for higher performance*.
  • Light weight
  • Simple installation. Guaranteed no-water leakage.
  • Single - phase power and low voltage (selected models) for easy electrical installation
Flow coefficient tests performed under AS 4740 : 2000 by CSR Edmonds

Clean, fresh air. You’d think it would be something we all have the right to expect in our homes and work places and yet so often this isn’t the case. Inadequate ventilation can lead to the build up of heat, moisture and even potentially harmful chemicals in the air that we breathe inside our buildings every day. 


1. Assured Ventilation

Patented Technology.

2. Lowest Running Cost

Consumes only 25 % - 30 % of the power consumed by conventional powered roof extractors.

3. Hybrid design

Dual energy sources – natural wind and electric power.

4. Unmatched operational features

Whisper quiet.

Low Vibration.

5.  High energy efficiency

Uses very high, energy efficient, German EC motor technology – 80% energy efficient.

6.  High exhaust efficiency

Highest levels of exhaust efficiency ever measured (i.e. exhaust rate per watt).

7. Programmable

Motor is fully controllable by any digital measure (i.e.wind speed, temperature, humidity, VOC, specific gas concentrations).

8. Unique variable angle elbow

Ensures vertical installation of ventilator on all angles of roof slope.

9.  Leak proof product and installation

Installed by company’s own installation teams.

10.  Multiple sizes to suit every need

Available in throat sizes of 100mm to 900mm.

11. No structure modifications

Low weight requires no roof structure modifications..